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Dear all, new stock have arrived, do note that the books will be shipped on a weekly basis (Every Friday-Sunday).

Please read the “Important Information” before buying. 

In addition, if anyone is interested in being a distributor for the books, please email me at meatboneteafriend@gmail.com

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Important Information

Before you purchase
1) The book will be shipped to the address listed on your credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can specify a different shipping address during checkout. Please ensure your address and postcode is 100% correct.

2) Shipping via Pos Laju are included in the prices below. Please select according to your address. Orders with mismatched addresses will be voided. Trackable airmail is used for overseas purchase.

3) Please provide your hand-phone number in the order form.

4) There is no refunds. I will not be held liable for any lost goods or damaged goods once the item is sent.

After you purchase
1) Once the book have been shipped, the tracking number will be emailed to you. Books are sent on a weekly basis on friday. If i have not sent you your tracking number by the weekend, please let me know. You can begin to track on monday evening.

2) Track your packages using this link: http://www.poslaju.com.my/track-trace/

3) If you are unable to track, please allow a minimum of one day before emailing me.  I am using a mailing agent and it may take a day or so before the number is recognized in the system.

4)In the event of a dispute (lost package etc), ill provide you a picture of the shipping slip and the address written. Refunds and replacements are only available if i have made a mistake in writing the address (In reference to the one provided during your purchase).

So, why should you buy this book?

Let me just start by saying, don’t buy this book to “support.”

Buy this book, if you want to read about one of the most colorful characters to have ever graced both ends of the Causeway and now lives in the land of free and home of the brave.

Buy this book, if you want to read one of the best autobiographies ever written (not ghostwritten, mind you) by a Malaysian figure, political or otherwise.

Buy this book, if you want to have your mind blown so wide, that Najib will seriously consider using your head as a duffel bag to try and smuggle his RM2.6 billion back from Singapore. And this is coming as a recommendation from a guy who has read a book a day for the better part of 2 years on a wide variety of topics, from Shopaholic (*facepalm*) to Antifragile from Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Buy this book, if you think you can handle it.

Here are some in-depth verbatim interviews you can read in anticipation for the book:



If you have any queries, email me at meatboneteafriend@gmail.com. Ill get back to you as soon as i can.

Alvin’s book agent

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